Garden Time February 2019

Beloved Church-in-the-Garden Family & Friends,

As we are halfway through February celebrating Black History Month and American Heart Month, I wanted to share the joy of our fellowship and the Spirit of God that has been permeating our worship. Truly God is doing something in our midst. I want to encourage everyone who receives this note to be attentive to the celebration of Black History Month and the rich and impactful story of perseverance and struggle that it represents for all of us. Additionally, I want us to also be aware of our hearts and health as we seek to live healthier lives. The pressures and stresses of our daily lives can cause us to not prioritize our health and be derelict in eating healthy, developing good mental health habits, and healthy lifestyles. I want to encourage us all to start today to do better. Get more sleep. Eat better food. Exercise. Check-in with your doctor. Take time for self-care. It is essential that we take proper care of ourselves. 

 In January we preached a series about time: “Making the Most of our Time” Ephesians 5:15-17; “A Scriptural Way to Plan our Time” James 4:13-15; “Wake Up” Romans 13:11; and “The Acceptable Time for Salvation” 2 Corinthians 6:1-2. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the outstanding singing our Voices of Praise, led by Jeff Bolding our Minister of Music for Worship, we were pleased to witness and welcome two new souls that came to Christ. As a pastor, there is no feeling quite like seeing someone surrender their old life to walk new in the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ. In addition, our congregation was blessed as we dedicated a baby to Christ with his parents and godparents affirming that they would raise him in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

There can be no doubt that the fire of Holy Ghost is on display and moving in the midst of our congregation. Lives are being reconciled to Christ and transformation is happening in our daily lives. I pray that you all will come and visit our Church-in-the-Garden and consider making it your spiritual home. We cling to the love and example of Jesus Christ. We are a welcoming and affirming congregation. We are open to all!

To that end, I am sharing with you all a short video that highlights our praise and preaching. This video is part of our upcoming media library that we are building for our website. It is my hope and desire that we will be able to publish video highlights and audio selections from our worship to give people access to what we are experiencing week after week. So please send me your feedback on the Pastor’s Page and let me know what you think. The video is below.

And as always, we want to see your face in the place. You are invited to come and fellowship with us. The Garden is Open to YOU!

Blessings Aplenty,

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Rev. Earl Y. Thorpe Jr.