Garden Time October 2018

I want to share with all of you a special day coming up soon for the Church-in-the-Garden. On Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 10am we will be having a “FALL BACK TO CHURCH” service. We want all former members, those who have visited before, those who have never been, and everyone in between, to come and take part in a special worship service on that Sunday and stay after for some terrific food and fellowship! 

Fall Back to Church Sunday recognizes that some folks may not know that there is a warm, welcoming, and affirming, multicultural American Baptist church that believes in the love ethic of Jesus Christ. Some folks may not know that our church has an impactful and inspiring hour (yes, an hour!) of worship. Some folks may not have heard the Church-in-the-Garden Voices of Praise who sing with passion and the Spirit of the Lord. Indeed, you won’t hear singing like this in many places.  But everyone should know that we welcome and invite all: regardless of ideology, gender, orientation, political affiliation, or economic status; to come to the church just as you are, and we believe, that you will not leave the same way as you came, in Jesus’ name! 

This Fall Back to Church service is also for those who may be searching for a community of faith that believes not only in the individual’s soul salvation, but also in the uplifting of humanity, and those who consider social justice a virtue. This service and our church family will hopefully give those who are wondering about faith and church—who may see themselves as spiritual—an opportunity to add their spirituality with ours and be in community with people who can appreciate everyone’s viewpoints. That is, we are not a dogmatic church. We believe in and endeavor to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ and follow Christ’s example to love one another as we seek justice on every level, especially those who feel they are oppressed and on the margins of society. We believe in building a community of faith that speaks truth to power and transforms lives. In all, we believe that the Church-in-the-Garden is the place that all can come and feel the presence of God, and be in a community that is trying to make themselves and the world a better place. Let me encourage all from far and near to stop and spend some time with us, particularly at this Fall Back to Church service and the fellowship thereafter. I know that you will be glad that you did! 
I look forward to seeing old and new faces on Sunday, October 14, 2018 at 10am for our Fall Back to Church service and fellowship. We welcome you to the Church-in-the-Garden because the Garden is Open to All!

Blessings Aplenty,

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Rev. Earl Y. Thorpe Jr.