Garden Time July 2017


Beloved Church-in-the-Garden Family and Friends,

As we say hello to the summer and all that the summer months hold, I want to take this opportunity to invite all who are in Nassau County to come to the Church-in-the-Garden’s Youth Ministry’s 2nd Annual Car Wash on Saturday, July 8, 2017 from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Last year, our Youth Ministry experienced a wonderful turnout and raised considerable dollars for their ministry. This year the Youth Ministry hopes to surpass the number of cars they washed and the amount of money that they raised. I ask for your support. Please come out, eat and fellowship, and get your car washed!

June was an important month in the life of our church family. We celebrated Pentecost and acknowledged the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit! We celebrated fathers, husbands, and men with a call to action to “Get Up!” based on the example of the man, husband, and father Joseph, who heard from the Lord, obeyed, and put divine instruction into action! It is my sincere hope and prayer that those who identify in the role as father, husband, or man will take a lesson from Joseph and move boldly in the instruction of the Lord. We concluded this month of powerful worship and preaching with a searing Biblical repudiation of the governmental efforts in this country to repeal the healthcare laws that are in place and do harm and not help the poor and vulnerable in this country. Many who are in the House and Senate, and even the President, proclaim Christianity as their religion (oftentimes quoting scripture) and yet they seem woefully lacking in what Christ and the Bible teach us about our obligation to the poor and vulnerable. As Christians, we have an obligation to organize, vote, volunteer, protest, and help enact change at every level of society and government. I hope that you will join me in being active in the change that our Christ requires us to be!

This month, I look forward to working through the love ethic as espoused in the First Letter of John as a response to societal injustices and pressures that we may face. Indeed, this love ethic is an empowering agent in the work of justice and freedom. As we work through this letter, I solicit your prayers and your presence in our worship services this month. You will find a warm and welcoming church and members who are ready to show and spread the love of God with you. So come on out to the Church-in-the-Garden: Where Jesus Christ is Exalted and the Word of God Explained!

Blessings Aplenty,


Rev. Earl Y. Thorpe Jr.