Garden Time November 2016

Church-in-the-Garden Family and Friends, 
Recognizing the great need to be more accessible and reach more people through social media, I am excited to announce that we have now joined Twitter and Instagram. Our Instagram handle is churchinthegarden and our Twitter handle is @CITGGardenCity. Church-in-the-Garden is now moving boldly to grasp the many possibilities to minister to a larger community of believers and introduce others to the liberating and empowering message of Jesus Christ. Through these social media mediums, we hope to have direct communication, real-time interaction, and impactful engagement with our members and friends. Showing the world our loving church and fellowship is an opportunity that our church is eager to demonstrate and I am delighted to witness. So please follow us and spread the word that we are on Twitter and Instagram! 

We have also updated our website. We now feature “The Pastor’s Page.” Now you will be able to read my monthly piece of our Garden Time publication. More specifically, this page is where I will share, as the page states, “some thoughts about my ministry, new ideas and initiatives for Church-in-the-Garden, and our engagement with society and culture as Christ followers in the world today.” I’m excited about this opportunity to write longer and hopefully more engaging pieces and be in conversation with you. I solicit your comments, questions, or issues so that we can be in conversation.

 October was a powerful and transformative month of worship for us, particularly our Youth Sunday. What a wonderful and spirit filled service we had with our youth and young adults leading worship! Having Cesar as our worship leader showed his love for God and his willingness to lead God’s people in our liturgy. Possessing a calm and even-handed demeanor Cesar is on fire for the Lord and his leading of worship was commendable. Abby and Gabby, are two hidden songbirds whose voices engaged the congregation and led us to new praise and worship heights. They are forces in spirit and they have meaningful talent! They have showed us the way for our worship. To God be the Glory! Samantha and Leslie are two confident and capable young women who marched up to the pulpit and commanded the worship space. They spoke the scripture into our hearts and minds with power, precision, and passion. In eloquent Spanish and English and with uncanny self-assurance, these young women impressed the pastor and congregation mightily. Indeed, God is doing an awesome work at the Church-in-the-Garden.

 As I look back at our October preaching series on 2 Timothy chapter 2, I believe that we have been faithful in dealing with God’s word and its corrective application in our lives. This month I should like to teach and preach on peace and how we can have it even in the midst of everything that is going on in our lives, nation, and world. I hope that you will pray for me and the church. But more than that, come on out to the Church-in-the-Garden. We are changing worship to meet the needs of the people and we welcome you with the love of Christ Jesus. Come out and see us, the Garden is open to all! 
Blessings aplenty, 
Rev. Earl Thorpe